Thursday, June 13, 2019

Unpredictable 💌

What can you really think of when you get stuck with this word in your mind?
Is it a term of joviality or despondency? It's like that memory, no matter how many times you try to move on with, it will always be present like a dark void in your heart, you have to relive through it every day!!
Even, I had someone very close to my heart, that person treated me like it's own always.
We were like as if two souls connected to one thread of life.
In happiness and sorrowness, it had my back always. It let me know, the meaning of life, as I grew older every day. It stood through my ups and downs. Having it was like seeing your own reflection everyday. I finally had someone in ages, who didn't judge me for anything ever. Never doubted my power of judgement. Obliged to it's love I was so much that I never felt the absence of my own sibling.
It raised me through my wounds, helped me heal my broken heart when I got dumped by someone I loved so more back then. It made me remember no one can be yours forever, they will remain till the time is meant to be. Never thought, I would meet somebody like you.
Can't ask for a more better companion in life. Always made me remember, not to lose myself, taught me to stay the way I am always.
It's presence in my life will always remain incomparable, little did it know, to be replaced forever.
Messy my life was, organised became with it's presence. Made me to love myself and to count on every second I live for.
My love for it, had no boundaries, it possessed the key to my heart of innocence. My innocence died with it's death.
If you are wondering why I referred the person as it, because I cannot say the name & how much I miss it. All these years, I have missed you so much & i wish I can make you meet the people of my own today. No, that "It" is not my boyfriend nor any of my relative, but always treated me like more than it's own.
As crazy as me, as obstinate as you, it will always remain the way as it had.
Mad , yes I am at you, you just left without a note. You just left leaving me void.
I will remember you always & when I grow old, I will narrate the story to my girl (saying your name, then).
I don't believe in rebirth, but if it happens ever, come back to me soulmate, I want you to know, wherever you are, you always matter to me💓

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Emotions ❣️

Do you remember the first sway of the wind that blew your heart away, the very first day you saw the one, the one you desired to be with, the one who justified it's presence in your life. We all, someday tend to fall for someone, no matter what, we want to be loved and cared, those little cozy feelings we have for them , they drive us crazy in the very moment. Those memories that we hold onto provides peace living with them, when we are far off from our loved ones.
We care, share, nurture, hurt and stay. We humans love words & yes, we all want to be loved by someone in our life. And, that's completely okay. Technically, we all hate to live in the shades of grey( I mean in-between of course 😅). There's always an end to something.

Expectations, demands, insecurities, possessiveness etc. all gets delivered at our heart step claiming just a shipping charge of (high )human emotions. Isn't it?!

We stand at that stage of life where we have everyone but, still left alone. Vulnerable enough to figure out, what's next?!!
Everything eventually falls into place with time but, it's really long. Don't stay with regrets if you have been desperate enough for someone, remember you loved that someone once with all your heart and without any condition.

We feel that at some point of time, some of us fall for the wrong person, but it's just that no one's good enough bro whereas the situation either isn't in our favor again. We despise them for what they did to us, but we never thank them for making us realize of what we are capable of. We all deserve better we think, but we never try to earn the better. Some do, again with others it fades away eventually. It isn't easy to kick aside those memories and to start afresh again. It's just we have to write a chapter again not to fall for the same. Healing up a broken heart takes time, and trust me it's worth it. What I have learnt through all these years is that, being someone's first is special though, but someone's last is something no one can change ever. It's yours, always and forever.

There will be/is that someday in our life when we finally realize , that we have got the one to be with for a longer period of time that will stay, the one who embraces us the way we are, the one who understands the pain of loosing you, the one with whom you can connect to, the one who cannot take you off the mind ever, the one who will plan the bucket list with you, the one who will always care for you❣️

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Learn to make peace 💮

As we tend to grow up,  simultaneously; We also learn the way of leading ourselves in life.  Nobody really knows how to take a step ahead but,  we all learn that eventually. We all learn to make peace with our past and those who don't they need to.
Make peace with your past so that you can move on with your life, you can't keep yourself holding up to some negativity that no more tends to bring over any joviality in your life.  Don't make your life surrounded by people who are holding you back from a productive life.
Rage, revenge, retribution are all a game of intoxication & suffocation. Let yourself be free of those chains, break them. Embrace yourself the way you are.
Hold onto the positivity around. Life will happen always. People hurt you, that's true because life isn't meant to be goody-goody. That's natural,  you cannot make anyone stay or leave. Holding back to these will only bring you pain and sufferings.  Allow yourself to the light from the dark,  let people love you who want to, let your life be more matured and contented with all the meaningful people around you. I know no matter what,  things which are meant to stay they will and those which are not,  won't. Keep your conscious mind strong enough to be not drifted away to the possibility of something which isn't real anymore. Learn to forgive, learn to move on & learn to live. Most importantly, make peace with yourself(with your soul) because if you won't be happy,  you cannot make anyone else happy.

Thursday, May 23, 2019


I have searched for you around,
I have searched for you beneath,
I have waited so long to feel you,
I have just earned some time to not let you go.
Isn't it just weird about everything happening around us,  we sacrifice certain things in our life so just as to earn more of the other side.
At times, I just feel like closing my eyes & remember what it felt like to be a careless soul at the age of 4. Things were so different back then. Expectations and reality didn't bother me so much back then. But, it couldn't stay any  long.
Then,  i chose for the cruel world of dreams. Once you step into it,  there's no going back honey.  I wish someone would have told me that but what difference does it make,  i mean there's no turning back anyway. You know what, this is what we call 'HUSTLE' to our so called modern life.  The world never falls short nor does the work. It's just you gonna keep going on and on,  there's no end to it until you reach the other side of the world... Right?!! 
Life's never gonna get enough of us nor does the time. But,  what keeps us going is just an ample amount of faith for the  people we want to make happy in our life.
We choose what we want to be either or the other way. Live for the day you want to, life's too short to live for the same day twice.. Just make things happen for a reason, count on & make the most of it. If one side of life has provided you the carpet of thorns to walk on,
then; remember the other side awaits you with a garden full of flowers 💮